Signature Bouquet
The Mulberry
Seasonal Delight
Just To Say
Butterfly Kisses
Irish Country Garden
White Elegance
Designers Choice
Gift Voucher
Amusable Pineapple
Bashful Donkey
Dancing Darcy Panda
Fancy Flamingo
Fiesta Llama
Gregory Gorilla Small
Gregory Gorilla Large
Gordon Guinea Pig
Herman Hermit
Luscious Llama
Piggy Might Fly
Swellegant Clarissa Cat
Open Heart
Single Ended Spray
Posy Arrangement
Traditional Open Round Wreath
The Bearded Candlemakers Irish Whiskey Candle
The Bearded Candlemakers Irish Gorse
The Bearded Candlemakers Wild Flowers of Donegal
Field Apothecary Rain Candle
Field Apothecary Lichen Candle
Field Apothecary Peat Candle
Field Day Bramble
The Bearded Candlemakers Real turf fire
The Bearded Candlemakers Embroidered dreams
The Bearded Candlemakers A Burren Susurrus
Allotment Candles Hay and Honey
Field Day Field
Field Day Tea
Field Day Gorse
Field Day Linen
Allotment Candles Rhubarb & Rose
Allotment Candles Black Rose
Allotment Candles White Geranium
Allotment Candles White Lily & Musk
Allotment Candles Rhubarb Tart
Allotment Candles Wild fig & Blackcurrant
Pure Love
Dozen Red Roses
Shades of Autumn
The Cherryvalley
Pumpkin Spice with The Bearded Candlemakers 8.10.2019
Mellow Yellow
Autumn Door Wreath 30.09.2019
Autumn Door Wreath 01.10.2019
Pumpkin Design 28.10.2019
Pumpkin Design 29.10.2019
Winter Table Design 11.11.2019
Winter Table Design 12.11.2019
Christmas Door Wreath 30.11.2019
Christmas Door Wreath 02.12.2019
Christmas Door Wreath 03.12.2019
Luxury Fireplace Design 09.12.2019
Luxury Fireplace Design 10.12.2019
Luxury Table centre 14.12.2019
Luxury Table Centre 16.12.2019
Luxury Table Centre 17.12.2019
Downton Abbey
The Fall
Amazing Aechmea
Succulent lover
Hello Autumn!