Penelope Flowers Signature Bouquet
The Mulberry
Just To Say Designers Choice
Butterfly Kisses
Irish Country Garden
White Elegance
Florists choice seasonal bouquet of the day!
Gift Voucher
Open Heart
Single Ended Spray
Posy Arrangement
Traditional Open Round Wreath
Field Apothecary Rain Candle
Field Apothecary Peat Candle
Kiss from a Rose
Dozen Red Roses
Mellow Yellow
Penelope Flowers Signature Candle
Penelope Flowers Signature Reed Diffuser
Fido French Bulldog
Bruno Boxer
Pablo Pug
Parker Piglet
Floral Hat Box
White Lily Bouquet
Pink Lily Bouquet
Petite Floral Posy Florist's Choice
Grave Posy
Fuddle Wuddle Elephant
Field Day Buttercup Jam Jar Soy Candle
Field Day Clover Jam Jar Soy Candle
Field Day Rosehip Jam Jar Soy Candle
Field Day Nettle & Mint Jam Jar Soy Candle
Field Day Moss Jam Jar Soy Candle
Bailey Sloth
Bashful Snug Bunny Teal
Hip Hop Bunny
Swellegant Francesca Fox
My First Puppy
My Friend Fox Soother
My First Blue Bunny Soother
Rathbornes Cedar, Cloves & Ambergris Reed Diffuser
Rathbornes Smoked Oud & Ozone Accords Reed Diffuser
Rathnornes Cedar, Cloves & Ambergris Luxury Candle
Rathbornes Bitter Orange, Birch Tar & Balsam Classic Candle
Rathbornes Dublin Tea Rose, Oud & Patchouli Classic Candle
Bedtime Elephant Small
Fuddlewuddle Cat
Sacha Snow Tiger
Prince Penguin
Bashful Plum Bunny
Amusable Brussel Sprout
Rathbornes Cedar, Cloves & Ambergris Classic Candle
Field Day Wander Tin
Field Day Gather Tin
Field Day Kin Tin
Rathbornes Botanical Bee Herbal Wood
Rathbornes Botanical Bee Irish Camomile and Mimosa
Rathbornes Botanical Bee Jasmine and Petitgrain
Rathbornes Botanical Bee Sweet Orange and Blooms
Wild Thing
Miss Lucy Lavender Door Wreath
White Phalaenopsis orchid
Hydrangea Macrophylla Hot Red plant in woven pot null
Aspidistra Elatior (75cm) in white plastic pot
Aphelandra sqarrosa aka Zebra Plant in natural grey basket pot
Ficus Lyrata aka Fiddle leaf fig, in mustard ochre pot
Ficus Lyrata aka Fiddle leaf fig, in plastic pot
Purple Phalaenopsis Orchid
Susie in the Spring Time
Air Plant
Spring Hat Box
Begonia Maculata
Begonia Maculata in terracotta pot
Sennesccio in Mayan head pot
Hanging Hearts
Aloe Mitriformis
Cereopegia Woodic Hoop of hearts
Aloe Zambesi in Pot Stand
Little Fishbones
Ripsalis Red Coral
Mini Beaucarnea
Philodendron Scanden
Succulent Trio
Senneccio Dopluis
Tillandsia Pot
Extra Large Fishtail Epiphyllum Anguliger
Philodendron in Urn Pot
Bromelia Arrangement
Gymocalycium Japan Red
Leo and Lyn Belfast Berries
Leo and Lyn Fig Leaf and Wild Plum
Leo and Lyn Irish Log Fire
Leo and Lyn Irish Rose and Pear
Leo and Lyn Lady Dixon
Leo and Lyn's Amber
Leo and Lyn Nerola
Leo and Lyn Parisienne
Leo and Lyn Peony and Blush Suede
Leo and Lyn Wild Lemongrass
Field Day Linen Candle
Field Day Linen Reed Diffuser
Field Day Linen Hand Wash
Field Day Linen Hand Lotion
Field Day Sea Candle
Field Day Sea Reed Diffuser
Field Day Sea Hand Lotion
Field Day Sea Hand Wash
Field Day Wild Rose Candle
Field Day Wild Rose Reed Diffuser
Field Day Wild Rose Hand lotion
Field Day Wild Rose Hand Wash
Field Day Meadow Candle
Field Day Meadow Reed Diffuser
Field Day Meadow Hand Lotion
Field Day Meadow Hand Wash
Face Pot with Succulent
Zebrina in Footed Pot
Black Fang Begonia
Orchid in Burnt Orange Pot
Alocasia Cucullata
Selaginella Apoda
Aloe Vera
Aloe Arborescens XXL with Bud
Terrarium Bottle Arrangement